Selected as Incubatee of HKSTP
Selected as Incubatee of HKSTP

In Nov 2018, we were selected as incubatee of STP.

About Incubation Program of HKSTP

HKSTP provide our partner companies a full range of infrastructure, facilities and support services throughout their journey from conceptualisation to commercialisation, ensuring innovation is enabled at Hong Kong Science Park, creative design is nurtured at InnoCentre, and advanced manufacturing is facilitated at the three Industrial Estates. By collaborating on all elements of the value chain from innovative thinking, research and development, creative design to production, we transform game-changing ideas into commercial success stories.

We channel supportive initiatives and resources to five major technologies clusters – Biomedical TechnologyElectronicsGreen TechnologyInformation and Communications Technology and Material and Precision Engineering. The technology clusters contribute to devising innovative solutions for three platforms in focus – Smart CityHealthy Ageing and Robotics.

To support our key strategy of grooming technology startups with good potential, we operate effective incubation programmes to help technology startups turn their innovative ideas into marketable products and solutions.

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